Month: June 2019

Improving company well-being where employees feel valued, energised & motivated

wellbeing bingo

Wellbeing Team Bingo

A Mental Health Organisation in New Zealand has fantastic resources for well-being at work. They have a tool kit which is full of resources to use and experiment with. Below I have included a fun example ‘Well-being Bingo’ You can download the PDF which has full instructions complete with Bingo cards. What the organisation say…
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Stress, depression & anxiety account for the highest number of sick days according to the LFS 2017/18 Survey

The problem of stress, depression and anxiety today seems to be the biggest problem people have to deal with regarding their own health and wellbeing. According to The Labour Force Survey quoted by the HSE, people who’ve have taken sick days for stress, depression and/or anxiety (SDA), had an average 25.8 days sick per year.…
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Office massage

Pilot study results Chair Massage reduces stress in Nurses

The study used a range of clinical scales and measurements to assess the levels of stress the nurses were experiencing. The study was carried out over 10 weeks to assess the effect of 15 min weekly chair massages on performed on 38 nurses. Out of 400 available massage appointments, 329 appointments were used. The methods…
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Benefits of Chair Massage Study Shows reduced anxiety, increased alertness and maths computations

The study into the effectiveness of chair massage carried out by the University of Miami et al. Shows the clear benefits of massage for the employee and the company. The study compares two group; the first group (massage group) received a 15 minutes chair massage twice a week for 5 weeks, the second group (control…
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