More Information – Your questions answered

Improving company well-being where employees feel valued, energised & motivated

Are you insured?

Yes we have public liability and all therapists are certified and hold their own insurance.

What area is best suited for the massage?

A meeting room is ideal or any space that can be used uninterrupted for the duration of delivery of the massage service. Alternatively, massage can be carried out at a desk or work station.

Do we have to remove clothing?

The back shoulder head and neck massage do not require any removal of clothing. Natural fibre materials are better to massage through for the client such as cotton. For reflexology staff can either remove socks or tights or leave them on, it’s totally up to them.

Does the company or the staff pay?

Companies either pay for the service or contribute to the cost as part of the companies health and well-being program..

Alternatively employees can pay the full cost.

Are there any other costs?

Any parking fees the therapist has to pay will be chargeable.

Unusual or unexpected travel costs ie toll charges or, travelling out of area may incur additional costs. see travel charges

How often should we book you to gain the maximum impact for our staff?

A one off treatment will be an excellent energising morale boost, however for long term improvement once or twice a month would be recommended.

We usually work with companies who pay for the office massage service or covers some of the cost as part of their employee’s health and well-being program.

If you require it to be completely employee funded then please